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Made in the USA

Here at, we are very proud that all of our kitchen cabinets meet the “Made in USA” Standard. We like that our fellow Americans benefit from our efforts; that we create and sustain jobs that support American families with every kitchen we deliver; that our ProPartners & their homeowners receive cabinets of such high quality that there is never a question that they deserve the “Made in USA” tag! But what does “Made in USA” actually mean? What is the standard? And why is it important?


Well, According to the Federal Trade Commission… “Made in USA” means that “all or virtually all” the product has been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. Products should not contain any — or only negligible — foreign content.”*

Ok, that seems simple enough, and we think the standard is pretty self-explanatory as well… “For a product to be called Made in USA, or claimed to be of domestic origin without qualifications or limits on the claim, the product must be “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. The term “United States,” as referred to in the Enforcement Policy Statement, includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories and possessions.”*


So far I think everyone would agree this isn’t very complicated at all. “Made in USA” should mean just that, it’s made here! In America! Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case with many cabinet suppliers today. We’ve found many companies making misleading or even false statements about their product some just ignore where the cabinets are manufactured or skirt the issue, some make vague statements, and sometimes they just out and out lie! Of course there were many suppliers that were upfront about carrying and selling Imported cabinets, some even used it as a selling point. But, when they weren’t upfront about it, we found 3 basic avenues that imported products use to hide their foreign origin.

  • Let’s start with the “no claim” they just don’t say one way or another.
    • Obviously, if they could say it was “Made in USA” they would. The fact that they don’t make the claim pretty much answers the question. They’re banking on you just not being aware or caring.
  • Now we have the “Our cabinets are assembled here” Or “100% assembled in the USA”
    • Assembled is exactly that, assembled. Not manufactured! They are assembling parts and just putting them together. Many of these types of companies will use misleading logos with the American flag saying “built in America” or “American Assembled” or “American Made” the parts are all imported and they assemble here… that’s NOT Made in the USA!
  • There is a new and more devious supplier out on the market today.The “hybrid”manufacturer. They claim they are a “hybrid” of traditional manufacturing and parts assembly.
    • These “manufacturer’s” import foreign made parts, pre-finished (that’s usually how they come) and re-finish them here. That’s right! They are taking the standard imported product we’ve all seen, throwing out the assembly cams adding some glue, and some staples, assembling the carcasses and adding finish or re-finishing the doors and exposed sides.
    • These companies never Claim to be “Made in USA” or even hint at it. They know better, but they do talk about their “factory” in whatever state they are in, and how they are the “Manufacturer” and how the cabinets come from their “factory” etc. always implying they are manufacturing cabinets in the USA but never actually making the claim, or using the “Made in USA” logo, because they know they legally can’t!
      So? Why do they go through all the trouble? Why not just sell their cabinets on their own merit?

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Well, the “why” is simple, and USA Today said it best in their January 2013 article “Made in USA makes comeback as a marketing tool” you see they found that “manufacturers, craftsmen and retailers are marketing the Made-in-USA tag to score do-gooder points with consumers for employing stateside”** And Guess what? It’s working, and it’s working in a BIG way! “Over 80% of Americans are willing to pay more for Made-in-USA products” and “93% of whom say it’s because they want to keep jobs in the USA” and Americans are even willing to pay MORE to buy American! “When considering similar products made in the U.S. vs. China, the average American is willing to pay up to 60% more for U.S.-made wooden baby toys, 30% more for U.S.-made mobile phones and 19% more for U.S.-made gas ranges, the survey says.”

Read the whole article here:

So, as it turns out that Americans do know the difference, do care, and are willing to pay a bit more for American Made quality! We’re Proud to provide you with those Quality American Made cabinets. It’s our hope that we do our job well enough that you won’t have to charge more, and will still be able to make a profit for yourself. It’s a Win, Win, Win, and that’s why we do, what we do, the way we do.

*-all quotations are directly from the Federal Trade Commission’s website
**- Quotes taken from USA Today Article

Suspect a violation? If you believe that a product promoted as “Made in USA” is not America-made or contains significant foreign parts or processing, file a complaint with the FTC. If you are aware of import or export fraud, call the U.S. Customs Service Commercial Fraud Hot line, 1-800-ITS-FAKE.


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