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About Us

Exceptional Cabinetry Made Profitable

The Company

“For contractors, not homeowners, just for contractors like us” – Carmine D.

Started in early 2010 as iProKitchens Inc. by professional re-modeler and kitchen designer Carmine Di Medio for home re-modelers, builders, and interior designers to have direct & real access to high quality affordable cabinetry at Dealer pricing.

Recognized the major opportunity to add value and profitability to real professionals who had found themselves stuck between a flood of desperate “low-ballers” and an ever increasing number of cabinetry dealers & distributors adding in-house installation and remodeling services.

Understood that offering consistent quality cabinets reliably delivered, on time and in good condition, were 10 times more valuable to true professionals than just having a cheap cabinet at a cheap price. Having a job that runs smoothly and problem free is the best way to keep homeowners happy, costs in check, and profits maximized.

Our Focus

Exclusively To The Trade!

Serving the residential home remodeling and new construction markets directly through Professional Re-modelers, Contractors, Interior Designers, Architects and Builders with High Quality American Made cabinetry with dealer direct access and support.

Keeping overhead and product costs to the bare bones minimum through extensive use of state of the art technologies, online capabilities and virtual resources & facilities; thereby enabling us to offer unprecedented consistency and value to our focus market.

Partnership You Can Count On

“The success of our customers IS our success!” – Carmen D.

Going “the extra mile” for Home Improvement Professionals isn’t a meaningless corporate slogan or some cheap marketing ploy for us. It’s one of our founding principles, and we take it personally. Our ProPartners rely on us for more than just cabinets. We’ve helped hundreds of them with marketing strategies, website reviews, bidding and job costing suggestions, sample remodeling contracts, Check lists, and we’ve even helped them with the occasional crazy homeowner. We’ve been there and know what it’s like. We talk to other ProPartners and get their advice and suggestions and pass it on. We’re genuinely proud of what we do, and how we do it.

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